LEFT: WIRED #4 | 2020
CENTER: WIRED #34 | 2020
RIGHT: WIRED #24 | 2020


When photographing landscapes, Patrick Lambertz regularly found himself trying to keep the human traces out of the picture. Buildings, Highways, Power grids, all seemed to only spoil the image of the ideal landscape. It seemed to him that photographers are ashamed of how we humans deface nature and try to sweep it under the rug. He started thinking that it might be worth trying to integrate such traces, make them an integral and compositional part of the image instead, and reconcile man and his traces, with nature.

"What seemed a simple task at first - taking a picture of wires in front of a mountain ridge - turned out to be much more sophisticated than expected. Identifying the right background, the ideal position in the field combined with an interesting perspective on the power lines and the suitable focal length to build a strong composition, sometimes felt like a dance with the elements." 

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