LEFT: W#RED #4 | 2020
CENTER: W#RED #34 | 2020
RIGHT: W#RED #24 | 2020


In his photography series aptly named "W#RED", Patrick Lambertz explores the paradoxical interplay between human intervention and the purity of nature. Regularly finding himself instinctively eliminating the footprints of human existence - buildings, highways, power grids - from his landscape shots, he wondered if this compulsion stemmed from a collective sense of guilt over how we, as a species, blemish the natural world. This prompted him to shift his perspective and start considering these imprints not as an eyesore, but as integral elements to his compositions, offering a chance to reconcile man's influences with the harmony of nature.

The title "W#RED" intentionally substitutes the "I" with a "#", a potent symbol of today's hashtag-driven culture, where perceptions are often narrowly filtered through trending tags. It hints at the contemporary inability to look beyond the hashtag, or in this context, beyond the obvious man-made structures in our landscapes.

What began as a seemingly straightforward endeavor - photographing power lines contrasting against mountain ridges - became a sophisticated dance with the elements. Selecting the ideal backdrop, pinpointing the perfect field position, and experimenting with perspectives and focal lengths to construct compelling compositions were complex tasks that required finesse and insight. "W#RED" transcends the act of photography, embodying a dialogue about our engagement with the environment in this hashtag-centric world.

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